Weekly First Aid Topic: Do You Walk 6189 STEPS EVERY DAY?


According to Harvard university’s recent health data survey on 717,000 users from 111 countries and regions over the globe through one mobile application through a mobile, it says that the average walking steps in mainland China ranked the second by 6189 steps, which is quite higher than the global average 4961 steps. Human being’s revolution history can be traced back to 3million years ago, our body structure has adapted from crawling to straightly walking from the ape to the human beings. The anatomy and physical structure of modern people are most suitable for walking. Walking can be called as a man’s the most natural exercise.

Walking reduced the risk of cardiovascular event. Data from World Health Organization shows that, the 65-year-old and above senior who walk for at least four hours each week has 69% lower risk of cardiovascular event than those who walk less than 1 hour, and 73% lower fatality rate.

The exercise also has benefits in anti diabetics. When the blood sugar in human body increases, it rely on insulin to decrease blood sugar. Exercise is a good way to improve the sensibility of insulin, which will ameliorate bone muscle and cure diabetes complication.

Walking also strengthens bones. According to researches, weigh bearing exercises like walking and running can make bone calcium have higher deposition. We suggest to drink more milk and also have a good habit of doing exercises. Compared to those calcium supplements, walking is an economic and convenient exercise to keep calcium.