Weekly First-aid Topic: Tips for doing exercises in summer
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

Unscientific exercises may discomfort people since the air temperature and humidity are high in summer. Today we will talk about some tips on doing exercises in summer.

People should avoid doing exercises under high temperature. People are more likely to suffer a heart attack in the morning because their relatively high blood condensation degree makes it easier to increase the risk of thrombogenesis. It is ideal to do daily exercises at dusk. If you want to do outdoor exercises, you’d better wear the sports sunglasses and sun helmet and rub some of sunscreen cream into your skin to protect it from the ultraviolet light. You should select slow-type sports events with low intensity to sweat yourself. You are advised to eat some staple food or fruit one hour before doing exercises. This can help you avoid the low intake of calories as well as the poor physical strength.

You are advised to drink 800mL water half an hour before doing a lot of exercises because of the rapid water loss in your body. If you will do outdoor exercises for more than 30 minutes, you are strongly advised to take a bottle of water. And it’s best to take a bottle of water that can replace sodium lost in sweat. In addition to doing some warm-up exercises, you must control well the amount of time you exercise. You should not smoke, drink much water, have cold drinks or take a cold water bath immediately after exercise.